Happy anniversary! As of the first week of October, my webcomic Pods has been serializing on Webtoon for a year now. Of course, counting the pre-production and buffer-building I did before launching the series, I’ve been working on the comic for about two years now. Ironically, because of some computer issues, I’m not able to post a new episode this week, but I’m overdue for some blogging. So today wanted to take a few minutes and reflect on the Pods journey so far.

1. As of today there are 39 episodes of Pods on Webtoon. Not quite weekly, but not bad either, especially considering each update is made from 2-5 comic pages.

2. Speaking of page count, there are over 100 pages of the comic done and posted! And the first volume of the series is actually finished, though I haven’t gotten around to putting into book form yet.

3. And speaking of books… I’m debating about when to publish the first book. With a little editing I could have it uploaded as downloadable PDFs and do a POD printing. But finding time for all that is tough when juggling a day job and the continuing serialization of the comic. I’d like to have the book our before Christmas but…

4. Meanwhile, we’re well into Book 2 on Webtoon. The next couple weeks is when things start to get really interesting.

5. As of today, Pods has 148 subscribers on Webtoon. No idea how many people might be ready without subscribing or subscribing without reading. But it’s not like Webtoon is going to offer me a contract any time soon.

So there you have it. One year of Pods in the books. I’d appreciate you spreading the word about the comic if you like it. And come back next week for the latest update!


– Robin